Cleric: Air Domain

The control of winds and the ability to transform into an air elemental is the focus of this Domain.

The ultimate goal is to be able to summon an army of Air Elementals.

The electricity-based abilities are not really in line with the Air concept but are nonetheless very formidable.


wind spell

Starting at level 2, your Cleric will be able to call forth a Wind Wall. This transparent shield is proof against arrows and crossbow bolts; other range weapons will have a 30% chance to miss.

At 5th level the Control Winds spell will give your Cleric the power to summon strong or even Hurricane level winds. The strength is subject to the caster level. This spell is when Air Domain Clerics begin to come into their own.

The power over wind culminates in the 8th level Whirlwind spell. This is nothing less than a Cleric being able to summon a tornado!

Air Elemental

air elemental

At 3rd level, the Cleric who chooses the Air Domain can become somewhat of an Air Elemental using the Gaseous Form spell. The Cleric becomes translucent and immaterial and becomes immune to harm. The other side of this ability is that the cleric won't be able to inflict harm as well.

At 7th level the Cleric can transform to an Air Elemental in truth! Elemental Body IV allows the Cleric to fight as a huge Air Elemental.

At 9th level, Air Domain Clerics can open a portal to the Elemental Plain of Air and summon an Air Elemental army. This is the strongest spell in the Air Domain Cleric’s arsenal

Other Spells

Early on, when your Cleric is at her weakest at 1st level, she will be able to conjure a zero visibility fog by casting the Obscuring Mist spell

Also as part of her mastery of the Air domain she will be able to Air Walk at 4th level.


lightning spell

You get a great standard action in Lightning Arc which is a bolt of electricity that does 1d6 damage for a distance of up to 30 feet. An additional point of damage is available per 2 cleric caster levels. With Lightning Arc your cleric gets to sling electricity from the very 1st level. You’re going to have lots of fun with this one.

When you’re Cleric reaches level 6 she becomes even more proficient with lightning. This time able to hit multiple targets with Chain Lightning. Range increases from 30 feet to 400+ feet and damage increases from 1d6 to 1d6 x caster level. That's damage for each of the targets.

Also at 6th level, your Cleric will begin to develop resistance to electrical attacks culminating with immunity to electricity at level 20. Just imagine your level 20 Cleric laughing in the face of a lightning breath attack from a dragon!


Most of the defensive spells are at the earlier levels when hit points are precious. Higher levels have the high-damage 'battle' spells.

To summarize:

Lightning Arc followed by Chain Lightning plus Resist Electricity point to a mastery of electricity.

Mastery of wind can be shown by the Wind Wall, Air Walk, Control Winds and Whirlwind sequence.

Transformation to an Air Elemental can be seen in the sequence of Gaseous Form and Elemental Body IV.

Elemental Swarm, the most powerful spell available to an Air Cleric, is unique, since it involves the opening of a dimensional gateway and control of multiple external beings.

This is a great choice if you see your Cleric as having a strong affinity to the weather. This is also good at keeping your cleric PC alive at the lower levels while making them heavy hitters during the higher levels.

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