Skills In Pathfinder

When you choose a class for your character you get a list of Class Skills which are essentially the things that this particular class can do. This bag of capabilities is different for different classes, for example Rogues would get stealth skills while Barbarians would get more confrontational capabilities. Skills help to define your character and that I can appreciate.

When I start to dive into the skill definition and rules I get a bit turned off by the details. Why can't it be simple? The answer is it's elaborate because of the effort of giving this game a fell fo reality.

I had the experience of simple during some games playing D&D; and 1e AD&D; back in the day. Back then there were no skills, so we did not have Appraise checks, or climb checks. Heck we did not care about encumbrance. We played simple fun games but they were not realistic. Easy to play but not immersive.

These Skills are part of what will make this game really rich, it will make it really come alive, but at the price of learning the mechanics behind each skill.

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