So in this section we don't only have demons but some related groups as well - devils and Skirsdag cultists.

First, a word about demons and devils in magic the gathering. In MTG demons are serious trouble: intelligent, charismatic, horrofying and very powerful. Devils are also dangerous but they are unintelligent and an order of magnitude less powerful.

The card Riot Devils offers an explanation of what devils are compared to demons.

innistrad riot devils

The card Devil's Play shows what devils are like.

innistrad devil's play

'Mischievous' is not quite the word for it. Encountering devils is a dangerous, even perhaps, fatal, prospect.

Here are some more devil cards.

innistrad charmbreaker devilsinnistrad pitchburn devils

Another distinction when compared to demons is that devils tend to be found in groups - demons are most often, in fact, almost always solitary.

And now, the demons.

innistrad bloodgift demon innistrad reaper from the abyss

These guys are big, seriously powerful and they seem exactly the type to make sure you hurt before they kill you. These bad boys - more so than the vampires - is why Innistrad needs angels. 'Bad boys', hmmm, come to think of it I've never seen a female demon - or a male angel. What's up with that?

And now the Skirsdag Cultists. They are demon worshippers. Really hardcore as is shown in the card Altar's Reap.

innistrad altar's reap

That said, this particular cultist has me drooling with how sexy she looks.

innistrad skirsdag cultist

Here's the high priest.

innistrad skirsdag high priest

Does this next card show a Skirsdag Cultist? Not sure. But this definitely a demon worshipper.

innistrad disciple of griselbrand