Shadowverse: Sexiest Cards

Not all Shadowverse cards featuring women are sexy, and not all sexy Shadowverse cards are of the same level. Here are my absolute favorites. The sexiest cards yet in Shadowverse.

shadowverse sorcery cache shadowverse goetia mage shadowverse dire bond

For me Dire Bond is the best of this trio.

The next two are standouts because of the level of detail.

shadowverse gemstaff commander shadowverse ancient alchemist

I'm not too keen on the younger female imagery of which there are many examples but Orcus is an exception.

shadowverse orcus

For sheer forcus on the anatomy, these two are my vote.

shadowverse cerberus shadowverse demonhand assassin

In the case of Demonhand Assassin, you have to get past the fearsome hand to get to the eye candy.

The remaining cards represent the baseline of what I would consider a sexy Shadowverse card.

shadowverse keen enchantment

Keen Enchantment's focus is too much on the chest area but it is so delicately rendered that I included it.

shadowverse assassin

Assassin is the classic, and irresistible derrier shot.

shadowverse curse of rebirth

There are many cards like Curse of Rebirth, but I noticed that some of them are disproportionate. Typically the leg are too long. Curse of Rebirth, on the other hand, is just right - plus that nearly non-existent top.

shadowverse shrine knight maiden

Shrine Knight Maiden is wearing that kind of armor that usually receives criticism about the exploitation of women in fantasy. I agree that it's impractical, but boy, does it look good.

Lastly, Spurned Witch is wearing a great outfit and weilding a really ugly looking staff.

shadowverse spurned witch