Salesforce Badge: Trailhead Basics

salesforce trailhead basics badge

The fun way to learn Salesforce.

Modules are broken up into units. Finish all the units under a module and get a badge.

Prebuilt trails are a group of related modules. You can group modules yourself and create your own trail.

Superbadges can be earned by implementing a solution in an org.

Trailhead is not only for Salesforce beginners it is for all experience levels.

You need a Trailhead account after which you will also be given a Trailhead Playground to do Hands On Challenges in.

Link your social accounts to Trailhead

  1. Click your picture
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to Social Login section
  4. Click the Connect or Merge button opposite the social account you want to link to.

You can use Trailhead's search facilities to zero-in on the tutorial that you want.

Even if you are not able to go through a module immediately just click the heart icon at the lower left part and the module will be presented to you at a later time.

You can create a special url to show off your badges.

Merging Two Trailhead Accounts

  1. Click your picture
  2. Click Settings
  3. Use the Connect or Merge buttons