DMZ 15

In Too Deep

The real measure of how effective - and therefore how good - the Public Works storyline in DMZ is, is the emotions it draws out from me as a reader.

Lets see . . .

When Matty first goes undercover I feel the weight of being a reconstruction crew member of the Trustwell Corporation. It's a dangerous yet boring job which tastes of hopelessness. The loneliness really comes across. I'm with Matty as he gets accepted by the terrorist cell and I feel how good it is to be accepted, knowing full well that this is a terrorist cell, it's nice anyway, better than the loneliness.

Then in this issue, I feel anxious, with Matty, as he is sent out to do a terrorist act. He's not a terrorist. He's an undercover reporter and he can't do this - this is crossing the line.

These emotions are palpable as I read DMZ. They're real. It's proof of how immersive this story is and how good DMZ : Public Works is.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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