Identity Crisis 1-7

What If DC Became Marvel?

When Marvel came on the scene in the 60s, it introduced the concept of the flawed hero. Spider-Man , the Hulk and Iron Man showed up darker and more realistic against the backdrop of DC's heroes.

Until now.

Identity Crisis shows up the revered members of the Justice League in a Marvelesque light as they struggle with truly complex moral choices. The League's Big Three - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman - remain untouched but that cannot be said of the others as they get involved with such things as mindwiping, dealing with a rape and, in a more "normal" turn, trying to solve a murder.

This is also the event where Deathstroke single-handedly took on the League sans the Big Three - that includes Green Lantern and the Flash mind you. It's an over-the-top fight and has caused some controversy with readers because of its improbability - it's pretty enjoyable to watch though.

Identity Crisis

The panel below is part of a series of panels which really got my attention. I love it when super-powers are used in the most creative way possible. Here, the Atom, uses his size changing power to break a noose to save his wife Jean Loring. Kudos to Rags Morales for the excellent rendition.

Identity Crisis

Another thing to watch out for is the poignant handling of the relationship between Captain Boomerang and his son, who, as shown below, has just discovered he has super-speed while trying to rescue his Dad from a deadly boomerang. The Captain shows himself as a truly bad seed here but not before we see another side to this famous member of Flash's Rogues Gallery.

Identity Crisis

Once more let's finish with a pin-up style two-page splash which shows the League ambushing a group of villains. I like it!

Identity Crisis

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 28, 2011

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