Imaginext: Super Friends Sets

Fisher-Price creates the Imaginext Super Friends line for kids 3 to 8 years old. These colorful toys are perfectly-sized for small hands. They're built tough to last through countless adventures, throwing against walls, getting stepped on and let's not forget leaving under the elements in the backyard. They're also portable, easy to take with the kids on trips so they have something to do instead of driving you crazy.

For superhero lovers, specially those who've seen the Justice League or Super Friends animated shows. Our first stop is the Imaginext Super Friends Heroes Set.

Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Set Heroes

You get four heroes. Starting with DC's two most popular: Batman and Superman. To add more variety Green Lantern comes in with his "magic" ring and Hawkman with those fascinating wings. Kids also love the inclusion of Krypto, the Superdog. Accessories ensure that just about anywhere can be transformed into a place for superhero adventure.

One way to level-up the superhero set is to add in the villains set. That's right, let's take a look at the Imaginext Super Friends Villains Set.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Set Villains

You get four villains including Batman mainstays Penguin, Joker and the Riddler. Plus Krypto can tangle with one of Penguin's pets. These classic bad guys and their accessories means countless hours of role playing fun when they mix it up with the heroes.

I want it!

If you're looking to extend the Imaginext Super Friends experience, you can't do any better than the Super Friend's legendary Hall of Justice .

Fisher-Price quality meets DC fun in Imaginext Super Friends.