Posted - August 20, 2018

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Avengers (2018) No. 2
Still Avenging After All These Years

Having disposed of a sudden attack of giant armored insects the Ghost Rider races off not really sure where he's going or what he's supposed to do.

Meanwhile, yet another insect attack becomes the catalyst for Jennifer Walter's transformation into the She-Hulk.

The Big Three foolishly do a direct attack on one of the Celestials to zero effect. No big surprises there.

What is a surprise is the 'dead' Celestial apparently coming back to life and what that does to the She-Hulk.

Captain Marvel stops the three ex-Avengers from their futile attack and informs them about technology designed to warp the Celestials into the heart of the sun. Surely neither the distance nor the heat would pose much of a problem to the Space Gods but it's a better approach than the ineffectual straight-on attack Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have been doing.

The Celestial has seen it fit to transport She-Hulk directly into the path of the racing Ghost Rider, resulting in the inevitable fight.

Ghost Rider does what he can but Hulks are notoriously unstoppable.

This is because Robbie Reyes is new. If this was Johnny Blaze She-Hulk would have been stopped.

Fortunately, the fight does not conclude as the pair is interrupted by the arrival of yet more armored insects.

Back to Carol and the the boys, the 'solar warp' plan is compromised by the capture of Steve Rogers.

A little bit of sunshine shows through the clouds as the 'Hudson' Celestial confronts the First Host.

And in the fine tradition of the first story arc of the first Avengers series Loki shows up; unsurprisingly, he's on the side of the First Host.

So much for my hopes regarding the Hudson Celestial; it appears he's already been beheaded.

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