Posted - April 14, 2018

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Avengers No. 683
No Surrender Part 9

Avengers No. 683

Lightning arrives at the Avengers Auxiliary HQ and he looks great doing it too.

arrival of lightning

Jarvis, who in this issue is treated the way he should be - as the most beloved Avenger - is in the hospital. Unfortunately the hospital has problems.

a hospital under attack by spirits

These ghosts are solid; as the Beast can attest.

the beasts playing tug-of-war with ghosts

Ok, two things: First, there is a Pyramoid just outside the hospital that has to be shut down by touching it. Unfortunately, touching the Pyramoid will also kill the toucher. Second, someone has to use Pym Particles to get into Jarvis and cure him. The original plan was for the Wasp to see to Jarvis and for Hank McCoy to make the ultimate sacrifice but . . .

wasp shrinks the beast

Nadia Van Dyne takes matters into her own hands; literally dooming herself; much to Henry McCoy's dismay.

Here is Nadia about to touch the Pyramoid.

wasp touches the pyramoid


the pyramoid explodes

Nadia didn't die but the Pyramoid remains unstopped.

Baffled, Nadia returns to the hospital and uses her powers to shrink people so that she can fly them off to safety.

wasp flies people to safety

Hank McCoy makes it into the vicinity of Jarvis' brain where electrical synaps discharges from Jarvis' neurons become deadly electrical bolts that the Beast must evade. He finally makes it into Jarvis' the core where the Beast is confronted by the fact that Jarvis was an Avenger from the earliest days.

avengers history in jarvis' mind's eye

I'm a big Beast fan so I was a bit disappointed when at a critical moment the Beast drops the cure.

beast drops the cure

I'm really disappointed when the Beast has to be rescued by the Wasp; who promptly administers the cure herself.

wasp to the rescue

Oh Hank, not your finest moment.

And now we have the arrival of Voyager.


Initially welcomed by both Avengers as one of their own until the now recovered Jarvis voices a warning.


As the issue ends our three stalwarts are left with weighty questions.

jarvis, wasp, and beast

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