Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 235
Four Against Ego

Fantastic Four No. 235

We do not start where we left off, we find the Thing carrying a device within the living planet known as Ego.

the thing carrying a massive device inside a sentient planet

The Thing's thoughts reveal much.

ben thinking

He's the only one left? What's going on here? Fortunately we get a flashback.

We are shown the first incredible sight of Ego the Living Planet!

ego the living planet

We find the foursome crash landing on the surface of the living planet via a hastily burned runway courtesy of the Human Torch.

human torch burns a runway

They discover the propulsion unit used by Ego.

galactus propulsion unit

'Hundreds of miles tall'. Wow. As the FF come closer to investigate, Ego explains about the propulsion unit.

ego talking

Initially repelled by Ego from the propulsion unit, the Four are attacked by antibodies.

antibodies attack the ff antibodies attack the ff

As you can see, it's a momentary delay.

In a brief aside, something mysterious is happening to Frankie Raye (future herald of Galactus I might add).

frankie shocked

There is no next panel, it's a mini-cliffhanger.

Back in space the Four have managed to mess with the machine and Ego is not happy about it.

angry ego

Forced to find shelter within Ego they discover what seems to be his brain.

discovery of a decoy brain

But it isn't. It is a decoy meant to mislead them. The Human Torch promptly burns it to a crisp.

As they go deeper, the pressure builds. Mr. Fantastic's pliable body is the first to buckle under the strain.

mister fantastic takes a breather

More than an hour later, Sue finds it hard for her also. The hard-headed Invisible Girl insists on going but the Thing thinks otherwise.

thing throws the invisible girl

Johnny is next.

johnny gives up the quest

So that's what the Thing meant when he said he's all that's left - the others were simply left behind.

Beautiful double panels describing Ben Grimm's real super-power: his never-give-up attitude.

the thing soldiers on

At last, the brain of Ego:

ego's brain

As he looks on at the brain, it's psychic energies reach out to him, and to us, with the story of how Ego came to be.

the history of ego the history of ego

Apparently Thor has already encountered Ego - twice.

Uh-oh, the Thing manages to throw the bomb he's carrying but it misses the target.

In a bid to attack the Earth, Ego fires his thrusters. But with one power pack missing only one of the two thrusters fire. Instead of heading to the Earth Ego goes into a fatal trajectory towards the sun.

ego collides with the sun

The Four manage to get off-planet before Ego disintegrates.

escape of the fantastic four

With that, I could only surmise that Ego must have been going mad. It doesn't add up that he means to destroy the Earth while stating that his goal is to hunt for Galactus. How can destroying the Earth aid in his goal? Next is the fact that Galactus has already defeated Ego twice. Would it really be smart for Ego to go hunting for a being that he could not defeat during previous encounters? Yeah, Ego was definitely going insane before the end.

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