Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 234
The Man with the Power

Fantastic Four No. 234

We start with a splash page of somebody in his bedroom.

a man in his bedroom

Byrne spent a lot of time on the details. The cluttered room. The little designs on things. The elaborate lamp. Only one slipper on. I'm having fun just letting my eyes roam around this panel.

The captions claim he is powerful and he is. Here he wishes the room to be tidy.

man in his house

And just like that he gets his wish.

a house

This man, whose name is Skip Collins, seems to be more powerful than the Molecule Man. Skip is Aladdin and the Genie all in one person and there is apparently no three wish limit! Wow.

His power doesn't always work though. Check this out with his kid.

a man with his hippie son

Wait. Maybe it does work. Maybe at core, Collins wishes that he should have no power over his children - and that's exactly what happens. So why the mediocre life if Collins has such power. Byrne explains things wonderfully.

taking the car out of the garage

Another display of awesome.

vehicle in traffic

Skip was not born with this ability. He was in the military and he was exposed to a nuclear blast.

soldiers near a blast site

Skip goes on a business trip to New York, finds himself in the vicinity of the Baxter and spots Sue and Reed.

skip sees sue and reed richards

He witnesses Reed Richards do a daring rescue.

mister fantastic to the rescue

And is further witness to Invisible Girl's handling of some debris.

invisible girl sweeps some debris

It's not a simple building collapse though, something is happening.

shockwaves going through the city

The incident finds its way to the Thing while Ben is having a drink in a bar.

ben in a bar hit by shockwaves

Johnny Storm is likewise affected.

human torch affected by the shockwaves

Don't worry, the Human Torch will save those people.

It's not only New York though, not even just the U.S. The catastrophe is global.

news of a global earthquake

Without knowing it, Skip activates his power.

skip's power activated

The Four set out to help their city. The Thing is struggling to hold up a bridge.

the thing holding up a bridge

Skip appears and thinks his all-powerful thoughts.

ben sees skip

Then this happens.

the thing holding up a bridge

Wow, for a moment there, skip Collins gave the Thing the strength of the Hulk without the angry attitude.

Here's Reed's analysis of what's happening.

reed detects an alien attack

Skip sees the Fantastic Four prepare to tackle the alien threat and makes a fateful wish.

skip collins makes a wish

In response everything, everything, is fixed. The whole world just gets'fixed.

skip collings fixes the world

But it is quite a feat. Enough to expend everything Skip has - he will never again be able to use his power.

Meanwhile, in space, the FF encounter Ego, the Living Planet. But that's for next issue.

So who was the most powerful character in all of Marvel? Skip Collins. Now we know.

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