Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 240

Fantastic Four No. 240

Quicksilver frantically runs to Manhattan from the Himalayas and encounters the Thing in the Baxter Building and the pair "meet" in the traditional Marvel manner.

quicksilver hitting the thing

Quicksilver proves too fast for the Thing and too fast for the Torches.

the torches fail to catch quicksilver

It is Reed Richards who manages to catch the uncatchable.

reed richards catches quicksilver

Aunt Petunia came to the Baxter and managed to get an audience with no fuss whatsoever but I guess that's too much to ask from one of Marvel's legendary hotheads. Hey how about we form a super team? Namor, Quicksilver, Moondragon . . . some others you might want to add. It's a series that won't need any super-villains (Civil War, oops).

Quicksilver tells of the events in Attilan.


'They' being a group of humans known as the Enclave.

Lockjaw arrives to transport everybody to Attilan. Everybody but Frankie who appears to be a probationary member at this point.


The current state of Attilan becomes known.

the state of attilan the state of attilan

More news.

black bolt

Reed does his doctor bit once again.

reed richards as doctor

Incredible, the Inhumans, for all their power, are literally dying because of pollution. Not dying slowly like us, instantly dying. And here is the solution: moving Attilan to the Moon.

plan to move attilan

I hate these panels.

black bolt and the alpha primitives

I don't care what spin Marvel uses for this, in illustrating the Inhumans and the Alpha Primitives, I am reminded of humanity's terrible history with slavery.

Black bolt 'unhinges' the Hidden Land by saying a syllable and antigrav engines take care of the rest.

floating attilan

Attilan nears its new home.

attilan nears the moon

A neighbor.


A neighbor that will never bother you - it's against his religion.

Attilan lands and crushes the remains of an extinct civilization.

attilan lands on the moon

And that's it. From now on when we refer to Attilan it's going to be in the Blue Area of the Moon.

blue area of the moon

To end the tale we have Quicksilver and Crystal's daughter.

daughter of quicksilver and crystal

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