Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 241
Render Unto Caesar

Fantastic Four No. 241

Something is detected, and not just by the FF.

an anomaly

As the FF journey to Wakanda there is reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark

raiders of the lost ark

So much for the Indiana Jones uniform.

thing is assaulted

The energy source is the Tower of M'Kumbe and the FF are given permission and help by by T'challa to investigate.

an expedition

Only one thing is off in the panel above. T'Challa would never be a party to supporting the image of white explorers with black bearers. No Way. The Black Panther would most likely tell explorers in Wakanda to carry their own fucking baggage and dictate an extremely fair price for the service backed by a bearer bill of rights.

One other thing is off: this isn't T'Challa


Up close the Tower doesn't seem natural at all.

constructed tower

A previous Russian party did not fare well.


The FF allow themselves and their companions to be captured. Sue remaining conveniently invisible.

invisible woman

The inside of the Tower.

inside a tower

Once the FF step off the elevator things go a bit insane.

recreation of ancient rome

Fucking racist.

roman talking

This "emperor" has changed the Thing back to Ben Grimm and neutralized Sue's invisiblity.

the power of the emperor

The FF and their companions powerfless before him, the armored one gives his orders.

emperor talking

In the dungeons, the Black Panther reveals himself.

the black panther

A naked Sue finds herself in different circumstances.

sue is a guest

They stripped Frankie too but everytime she's stripped this fancy bathing suit appears.

frnkie captured

And a fat lot of good that fire's going to do.

Meanwhile Mr. Bastard reveals that he used to be a simple Roman soldier who chanced upon alien technology.


Fucking racist.

emperor talking

Mr. Fucker forces Ben and Johnny to fight in gladiatorial combat. In desperation Sue snatches his helmet and . . .

headless emperor

Just like Sauron, when Mr. Idiot goes, so does everything he created - including Sue's clothes.

naked sue

Oy Vey!

The FF and the Panther escape the crumbling city (the bearers were robots).

fantastic four escape

What a strange adventure. Reed does the final explaining.

reed talking

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