Posted - April 15, 2018

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Green Lanterns No. 43
Superhuman Trafficking Part 4

Green Lanterns No. 43

The book opens with this.

jessica cruz using her ring

The single most complicated feat I've ever seen a Green Lantern perform. Jessica Cruz is using her power to perform a very delicate opration on multiple people at the same time in the middle of of an interstellar fight!

Oh let's add some time pressure to that too.

a warning from the ring

In the meantime, Simon Baz has his hands full in a fight against a Durlan. The most famous Durlan in the DC Universe is the Legion of Super Heroes' Chameleon Boy. Durlan are shape-shifters but what makes them powerhouses is that they are able to assimilate the abilities of the creatures they turn into. Here is the creature that Simon's foe chooses to turn into.

a durlan

Yup, Durlans are tough even for Green Lanterns. Simon is able to score some points though.

simon baz deals with a durlan

It was a good move but the Durlan comes back stronger than ever.

durlan rampage

Let's leave the Lanterns for a bit and look into Night Pilot and Scrapps - allies who are currently fighting.

night pilot and scrapps fighting

And the reason they are fighting is because Night Pilot has been possessed by that creature you see sitting in the background.

night pilot

Even when Scrapps wins she can't win you know? She can't pull the trigger on her friend.

high noon at the green lantern corral

The key to all of this is the operation Jessica is trying to do. And when she does do it . . .

. . . the Durlan is stopped. .

durlan down

. . . and the one possessing Night Pilot is reduced to begging.

please don't kill me

And, of course, all the others that Jessica has been trying to save are saved.

jessica cruz job well done

As an epilogue looks like Night Pilot has a thing for Simon.

night pilot hugs green lantern

But Simon's feelings for Jessica are growing.

simon baz and jessica cruz

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