Posted - November 1, 2017

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Green Lantern No. 53
The New Guardians Chapter 1

Green Lantern (2005) No. 53

A mysterious figure, shackled in broken chains that have obviously been created using a green power ring strides an equally mysterious place.

a strange yet wonderful place

The only thing we know at this point is that this mysterious somebody is not a friend of Hal Jordan. Also note that the monolith with the Sinestro Corps symbol has a yellow energy chain wrapped around it which leads to a floating sigil of some sort.

Cut to Hal and Carol in a bar/restaurant.

hal and carol talking

The talk takes a very interesting turn.

hal and carol still talking


hal and carol flying fighter jets

Oh, flying jet fighters, I had hoped it would be something more exciting. Those are F-35 Raptors aren't they? The air race is disrupted and the planes destroyed by the arrival of Sinestro.

star sapphire, sinestro, and green lantern

He is here to inform Star Sapphire and Green Lantern that an immovable White Lantern has been found in New Mexico.

We leave that for a bit to witness a meeting between two like-minded souls.

larfleeze and luthor

So Larfleeze is asking Luthor for something new to covet on Earth and Luthor answers "Land". What's this about? And who's the poor blue creature Larfleeze has in his clutches?

Another peek at the aftermath of Blackest Night as the Blue Lantern Saint Walker and the Flash re-bury the dead.

saint walker and the flash burying the dead

As the issue closes we are witness to a strange alliance.

ganthet, guy gardner, and atrocitus

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