Posted - April 15, 2018

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Grimm Fairy Tales No. 14
The Musketeers

Grimm Fairy Tales No. 14

Named after Dumas' famous threesome we have the Musketeers.

Winter is a peerless acrobat.

Carmen is a deadly swordswoman.

Diego has superhuman strength and invulnerability.

What's a trio to do with this powers? Why, go out and foil some criminals for one. Like this jewelry store robbery.

And this bank robbery.

They're not total do-gooders. Carmen likes a little commission for her good deeds.

All this gets the attention of Skye's group. She promptly accosts the Musketeers during said bank robbery.

They do not go quietly

Being new, the Musketeers are outclassed and backed up against the wall.

Then this happens.

Looks like the Musketeers are a popular group. Here's their latest fan.

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