Posted - November 2, 2017

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Flash (2010) No. 1
The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

Flash (2010) No. 1

This inaugural issue immediately showcases the Flash and his speed.

flash chases down a car

Beautiful rendition of the speed force. Notice the driver is the Flash rogue the Trickster?

I particularly like this punch.

flash throws a punch

The car flies off the bridge. The Flash manages to get the two passengers out and disassemble the car before it hits the street.

flash disassembles a car

We accompany Barry Allen to his first day on an old job.

barry allen first day at work

First day at work is always a bit rough and not a little lonely. It's nice to see Barry find a chum.

barry allen talking to a friend

Meanwhile, the Mirror Master ends up dead on the streets.

mirror master dead

Barry is sent to investigate. Soon he is back in his Flash costume. My favorite panel is when he hits the brakes.

the flash stopping

We end with a classic cliffhanger as Rogues from the future accuse Flash of murder.

flash rogues gallery from the future

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