Posted - November 10, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 2
Manhunters from the Stars

Marvel Two-In-One 2

Let's leave the Thing for a while as he presumably takes another bus back to New York. Let's go to to Hydrobase, a remote island controlled by Namor the Submariner. Namorita, royal cousin to Namor and future member of the New Warriors, is hanging out near the beach when something drops out of the the sky into the nearby waters.

Namorita watches something  drop from the sky

Namorita revives the stranger but he runs away from the intimidating Submariner.

Wundarr runs from Namor

The guy's name is Wundarr and he is one of many, many Marvel characters inspired by DC's Superman (from the top of my head I can name three others: the Sentry, Virtue, and Hyperion). Like Superman, Wundarr is virtually invulnerable and has super-strength. Like him, he came from another world and crashed on ours in an alien rocket. Unlike Superman Wundarr can't fly, but he can leap mighty distances like the Hulk. And that is exactly what he does to get away from Namor, but Namorita convinces her cousin to pursue this strange man.

Meantime, in the depths of space, Wundarr is also being monitored. Apparently, he figures in some kind of extra-terrestrial politics and has been marked for death by his alien race.

Since this is the Marvel universe, Wundarr's random jumping around lands him in New York City. The strength of Superman melded with the mind of a child, Wundarr is subject to throwing super tantrums like the one he's throwing using this taxi cab.

Wundarr throws a cab, the Thing catches it

Ben can't have anybody going around destroying New York City property - that's the Thing's job.

The Thing makes like bulldozer

Now for something more Thing-like.

The Thing punches Wundarr


Wundarr tears a piece of masonry and throws it at Ben.

Wundarr throws a piece of masonry at the Thing

No problem.

The Thing smashes falling debris

Time to get the popcorn. Marvel Two-In-One is getting really good.

Yet another exchange.

The Thing and Wundarr trade blows

The Thing definitely has the upper hand in this match. Just look at this punch!

The Thing punches Wundarr

With the arrival of the Submariner, fight's over. The Wundarr fight is over; the Subby fight is just beginning

Submariner fighting the Thing

Oops! Another arrival. This time by a giant robot known as a Mortoid - sent by aliens to assassinate Wundarr. Submariner is swatted back like a fly.

A robot swatting the Submariner away

The Thing shows Namor how it's done

The Thing taking out a robot

And that's it, but it wouldn't be Marvel Two-In-One if the Thing didn't get stuck in a "revoltin' development".

The Thing left to take care of Wundarr

What better nanny for the super-strong Wundarr than the super-strong Thing? Poor Ben. Actually not quite. The Fantastic Four have a hierarchy. Whenever the Thing needs to pass the buck "Poor Ben" becomes "Poor Reed".

Reed testing Wundarr while Ben works out

You know what? It's actually "poor Wundarr" - when Reed Richards babysits you, there's a really fair to sure chance that you'll eventually find yourself strapped to some kind of equipment.

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