Posted - November 10, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 3
Inside Black Spectre

Marvel Two-In-One 3

So how does Daredevil become involved with all this? Well, Reed's Wundarr experiment has an explosive conclusion and guess who's swinging by right in time to dodge some debris?

Daredevil dodges some debris from the Baxter Building

After this incident, Matt finds himself using the Baxter elevator to go to the FF area to retrieve his billy club. And with that, Daredevil swings away to a nice piece of Marvel trivia.

Daredevil talking to Shanna

One of Matthew Murdock's clients is Shanna as in "Shanna the She -Devil".

Do you remember when Ben started acting silly and went to Florida for an unprovoked fight with Man-Thing? We'll it's Matt's turn. He's going about doing "Daredevil work" when this happens.

Black Widow gives Daredevil a karate chop

It's Black Widow if you know your Marvel. She flies off in some kind of aircraft. Our lovesick Daredevil goes a bit insane, goes back to the Baxter Building and attempts to steal the Fantasticar! Fortunately Ben is very forgiving.

The Thing and Daredevil in the Fantasticar

Pretty soon, our heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight with a group called the Black Spectre and their apparent leader, Nekra. The wonderful panels that follow show that the Thing is simply too tough to take on!

The Thing is too tough to handle!

Go Ben!

Unfortunately we don't get to see the end of this tale. The second part is in an issue of Daredevil(#110). Oh well, loved it anyway.

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