Posted - September 21, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 35
Enter Skull the Slayer

Marvel Two-In-One 35

Ernie Chan does the art for the next story with his signature textured line art.

Once again the Thing gets tapped to fly an experimental plane but there's an additional risk to the flight: The Thing must use the plane to explore a recent incident of missing craft in the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda triangle is an area north of the Caribbean that has had an inordinate amount of missing ships and planes mixed in with a lot of weird occurrences and experiences. Lately though it has been fairly quiet - the aliens must have left already after they realized the insanity of collecting all the Earth junk.

Shortly after Ben arrives in the area, the story doesn't waste any time.

A flying pterodactyl attacks an experimental plane flown by the Thing

Two things to note: First, the unique art of Ernie Chan and, second, the experimental plane Ben is testing looks like an Avengers Quinjet.

Look at this! It's Jurassic Park before Jurassic Park

A world full of dinosaurs

Okay, so "Skull the Slayer" is the second name in the marquee for this issue and I know nothing about him. But I am helpfully informed in just one panel

A short introduction to Skull the Slayer

I love the sheer amount of information in just one panel and the art is good too.

Hmmm, Skull has super-strength.

An Aztec priest confronts Skull the Slayer about a belt of strength

I love it. That's a magic item right out of Dungeons and Dragons.

I'm not too crazy about Chan's Thing rendition but this panel is just beautiful.

The Thing fighting Aztec warriors

The Thing goes into action against the Aztecs that have Skull and his friends imprisoned. The Thing against regular humans. It goes on for a page but really, this is no contest.

The Aztec priest has a magic spear but it's very minor magic so no go.

The Thing brings down an Aztec pyramid from under an Aztec priest

The Thing rescues the prisoners but they find themselves under heavy assault. Once again another beautiful panel.

Aztec warriors attack the Thing, SKull and their allies

Skull the Slayer manages to slay (get it?) the giant Pterodactyl in a move I would like to call Crazy Maneuver No. 1.

Skull the Slayer slays a Pterodactyl

The Thing doesn't get called 'civilized' too often.

A doctor converses with the Thing

This is a beautiful jungle panel with one exception- the Thing is portrayed too small

The Thing and others in a jungle trek

I just realized that this is Marvel. There are dinosaurs all over the place and we're not in the Hidden Land. Wow. Anyway, what's a dinosaur tale without a duel with a T-Rex?

T-Rex attack

Quick you have to jump to a river from a tallish cliff. What style dive do you use?

Explorers diving from a cliff

I'm all for Ann's feet first style

It all ends with a cliffhanger and this amazing panel.

A river full of brontosauri

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