Posted - September 25, 2016

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 36
A Stretch In Time

Marvel Two-In-One 36

We come upon the Thing, Skull the Slayer and an intrepid group of adventurers lost in the era of the dinosaurs. As expected, it's a rough place but Ben does what he can to protect the others. Here he cushions a doctor as they drop down a waterfall.

The Thing cushions a fellow explorer as they fall down a waterfall

Ben was built for dinosaur country. These guys would be goners without him - unless Skull the Slayer is as strong as I think he is.

From the previous adventure the group got captured by the Aztecs and now they're going through wild country. Historically, dinosaurs and men never co-existed. Here's the explanation about why this is happening here.

A theory about the Bermuda triangle

Personally, I don't think men can survive the world of the dinosaurs. Not without technology dating from at least the 16th century when muskets became widely available. But then again, what's a musket to a T-Rex?

The crazy priest from last issue is back, but now he's even more impressive.

The Jaguar Priest leading a flight of Pterodactyls

Commanding a flight of Pterodactyls instead of a small army of Aztecs gets my attention. Alas the aerial fight is not to be as our group manages to escape from the Bermuda triangle.

The Thing, Skull, and their group escape from the Bermuda Triangle

The Thing lands the plane in Florida and we get this little tidbit.

A little detail about Cape Canaveral

And here I thought Cape Canaveral and Cape Kennedy were two different places.

Yippee! Looks like that aerial fight is going to be an air-to-ground slugfest!

The Jaguar Priest and his flying dinosaurs attack Cape Canaveral

And now Mr. Fantastic

A beautiful panel showing the Jaguar Priest approaching Cape Canaveral.

The Jaguar Priest and Pterodactyls approach Cape Canaveral

Reed helps to take on the Pterodactyls but as you can see he's not 100 percent.

Mr. Fantastic is exhausted

Mr. Fantastic does a Bouncing Boy.

Mr. Fantastic rolls himself into a ball

I wish he wasn't in such pain though. Mr. Fantastic has a great power, and the kind of power that gives great visuals. It's a treat to see him in action because Reed is so smart that we usually just see him in his lab.

Man, Reed can't finish the fight. Look at this.

Mr. Fantastic is exhausted

Another beautiful panel shot of the Cape.

Beautiful panel showing a rocket in Cape Canaveral

What's wrong with this picture?

The Thing saves Ann from the jaws of a Pterodactyl

Ann was in the jaws of the Pteranodon for some time before Ben was able to rescue her but not a tear on that pristine white outfit. Realistically she should be a bit bloody after that ordeal.

And the story wraps up with our heroes triumphant. Still, the loose ends are a doozy. First, the Miami Police have a time lost Aztec or Mayan priest on their hands and let's not forget the Pterodactyls in the modern world. The entire thing conviniently - and sloppily - forgotten.

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