Posted - November 2, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 46
Battle In Burbank

Marvel Two-In-One 46

How about the Hulk? More than that, the Hulk and the Thing. This is a popular Marvel formula for awesome fights but unfortunately it doesn't gel effectively in the next tale because we have a third - and overwhelming - 'character' in this tale. Hollywood.

That's right, Hollywood. Around this time the Hulk tv program starring Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk came out in primetime and Marvel's giving it some spin in the comics.

Ben Grimm doesn't like that it's the Hulk and not him. This reminds me of his equally irrational anger against the Man-Thing. Ben has all these lame excuses when he's spoiling for a fight; maybe because he's bored.

Ben Grimm doesn't like the Hulk tv show

Going back to the tv show, the Hulk doesn't like that it's him!

The Hulk doesn't like the Hulk tv show


So both these behemoths crash the studio that makes the show. It's far from an epic Hulk/Thing fight. Here's the best panel.

Hulk vs Thing lite edition

There is an interesting aside to all this. Take a look.

Karen Page during her acting days

This is a piece of Marvel history. That's Karen Page, Matt Murdock's Karen page during her movie star days. If you like to know more, just check out Daredevil Born Again. I should say the 'late Karen Page' since Karen's not around anymore.

This crazy studio fight breaks up under its own steam and everybody heads home.

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