Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 52
A Little Knight Music

Marvel Two-In-One No. 52

Ben Grimm is about to accept a science award on behalf of Reed Richards but the event is attacked. Ben uses his body to ward the bullets but not before one scientist is shot.

thing being hit by gunfire

The Thing attacks but he encounters an extraordinary weapon.

thing frozen

Perfect timing for Moon Knight to make an appearance.

moon knight jumps in

Let it be on the record that when they first met the Thing was less than cordial to Moon Knight.

moon knight and thing in the fight

No Fantasticar today, the Thing has to take a cab. Plus he doesn't have any money to pay the cabbie. More than that, the cab driver is really Moon Knight. Hehehe.

thing takes a cab

Unsurprisingly, the Thing can't go into action without the Moon Knight getting a piece of it.

thing and moon knight in action

Moon Knight shows his stuff.

moon knight in action

So far, it's a very lopsided battle.

thing and moon knight in a fight

Just as both heroes thought that it was game over, the leader of their foes, one Crossfire, makes an appearance and gases the Thing and Moon Knight.

crossfire knocks out thing and moon knight

In the classic manner, Crossfire reveals his plans while Moon Knight makes his plan.

crossfire talking

It seems Crossfire is a known entity to Moon Knight.

moon knight recalling something

Crossfire aims to destroy all heroes and envisions a superhero 'civil war'. Hehehe.

heroes fighting

Oh, Crossfire. If you only knew what the future holds.

Crossfire shows off his beautifully rendered brainwashing machine.

moon knight shows his brainwashing machine

Grimm escapes and Crossfire makes good his threat but Moon Knight has already gone.

thing breaks loose

This is the closest thing we can get to a Thing and Batman team-up.

thing and moon knight on the attack

The machine is activated. Ben falls prey to it but Moon Knight has special training.

moon knight resisting an attack on his mind

Moon Knight's attack gives Ben the opening to destroy the machine. An escaping Crossfire accidentally blows himself up.

crossfire blows himself up

It turns out it wasn't an explosive but a nerve gas.

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