Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 53
The Pegasus Project Part One

Marvel Two-In-One No. 53

Benjamin finally decides to pay another visit to Wundarr at Project Pegasus. Wundarr is a super-strong alien with the mind of a child that got foisted on Ben by Namor and Namora. Benjy looks at himself as a guardian to Wundarr. Project Pegasus is an energy research project of the U.S. government.

Upon arrival, the Thing is subjected to a battery of security protocols including this brain scan.

thing  being scanned

Ben rightly observes that the last time he was here security was never this tight. Everything goes smoothly until Ben meets the head of security whom he identifies as the Crusader, from his last encounter with the Crusader Ben has a knee jerk reaction that is decidedly negative.

Soon enough the "Crusader" correctly identifies himself as Quasar.

quasar talking

But not before giving an impressive display of his power bands.

quasar defending with a shield against the thing

It is all a case of mistaken identity.

quasar talking

We get two capsule histories first is Marvel Boy's a.k.a. Crusader.

crusadar flashback

Then Quasar's.

quasar flashback

Lightner a.k.a. Blacksun, who gave the Thing and Doc Savage such trouble but now works at Project Pegasus, seems to be involved in some shadowy goings on.

lightner sneaking around

We take a brief break as we look into the seven-foot tall Thundra as she is convinced to go into the world of entertainment wrestling.

thundra walking and talking

When the Thing finally does come across Wundarr it's in rather depressing circumstances.

thing visits wundarr in a dark room

Wundarr was being utilized to tap into the Cosmic Cube the net effect is . . .

wundarr and the cosmic cube

Wundarr not only saps electricity he saps other things as well like Ben's strength.

ben trying to lift wundarr's bed

Oh, look at this, Ben is going to stay in the Project at least overnight.

ben in a room at project pegasus

Lightner deactivates the elaborate Project security protocols.

lightner deactivates security

Allowing Deathlok to enter the premises.

deathlok enters project pegasus

The last time we saw Deathlok he was entrusted to the care of S.H.I.E.L.D.. What has this guy been up to since then?

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