Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 55
The Pegasus Project Part Three

Marvel Two-In-One No. 55

Lightner's unleashing of Nuklo breaks up Ben's poker game.

poker game at project pegasus

The Thing soon finds himself in a test of strength with Nuklo. Ben soon finds unexpected help.

thing and giant-man

Nuklo soon gives up. Giving Foster a chance to give us a capsule history of Goliath.

goliath flashback

Quasar finds that the nuclear dampening rods have been deactivated. Unknown to him the culprit is Lightner. He utilizes his wrist bands to absorb the energy instead.

quasar absorbing energy

Looking in on entertainment wrestling it's Thundra vs. Titania.

thundra fighting titania

This was when Titania still had normal strength. Some time after this, in the pages of Secret Wars, Titania will become a true powerhouse. I suppose we'll never see the wrestling script followed as Titania decides to cheat.

titania cheating

That drugged needle will knock Thundra out.

Back at the Project, Goliath (briefly called Giant-Man) calls dibs on Nuklo. Ben creatively fashions some lead boxing gloves for him.

thing fashioning metal gloves for giant-man

Goliath is doing well.

goliath fighting nuklo

But he drops his guard and Ben has to step in.

thing fighting nuklo

Nuklo is disabled like so . . .

nuklo stopped

It's a classic way to take out strength-based adversaries - take away their leverage and strength becomes useless.

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