Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 56
The Pegasus Project Part Four

Marvel Two-In-One No. 56

What gives? The last time we saw Thundra, Titania and the other female wrestlers they were, uh, wrestling. Now they're invading the Project Pegasus facility.

female wrestlers invading project pegasus

We are not left in suspense for long as we get a one page recap of what transpired since Titania cheated Thundra out of a win.

thundra flashback

Something else is going on aside from the placement of the device.

wrestling ladies scramble

While all this is happening Wundarr wakes up.

wundarr wakes up

The Thing is security while Thundra is an intruder, so the next panels make perfect sense.

thundra hits thing

Below is a nice panel although nothing more is happening than Goliath and Quasar cleaning up after Nuklo from last issue.

giant-man and quasar cleaning up

Alarms start ringing. Quasar finds the girls and the girls find Quasar.

wrestling girls encounter quasar

Screaming Mimi uses her unique powers on Quasar.

screaming mimi attacking quasar

Makes you wonder how she uses that during a wrestling match without harming the audience. Anyway, Mimi's assault backfires as Quasar is forced to unleash the power of his energy bands.

quasar unleashes his energy bands

In another part of the complex, Titania and Poundcakes encounters Giant-Man.

giant-man, poundcakes and titania.

With considerable difficulty Bill manages to gain the upper hand.

giant-man fighting

Back to Thundra and Ben.

thundra throws the thing

It's quite a battle. One moment Thundra has the upper hand.

thundra pins the thing

Then Ben.

thing strikes thundra

Back and forth, back and forth.

thundra and thing fighting

The fight is inconclusive as the pair are stopped by everybody else.

thing and thudra stop fighting as people arrive

While things are being sorted out, the traitorous Dr. Lightner is nearing the fruition of his stealthy labors now going on for the last several issues.

lightner assembling a device

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