Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 58
The Pegasus Project Part Six

Marvel Two-In-One No. 58

Klaw was about to kill the unconscious Thing but instead this happens.

klaw disintegrates

The answer is because of the presence of this guy.


Wundarr, I mean Aquarian, tells of a second encounter with the Cosmic Cube.

aquarian flashback

Don't be fooled by the costume. This is Wundarr albeit not childlike anymore. His power dampening powers affected Klaw who is an energy being.

Once again some cleanup is required after all the action last issue.

giant-man and quasar cleaning up

Remember Dr. Tom Lightner? He started fooling around with the mechanism he's been assembling for the last several issues in an attempt to turn himself back into Blacksun. No go, he doesn't become Blacksun he becomes Nth man instead.

the nth man

Nth Man is a living space warp.

Nth Man reveals that the ones responsible for the sequence of infiltrations was a group called the Nth Command. Their purpose, pure economics, they're trying to form an energy monopoly, that's why they wanted Project Pegasus destroyed. The machine being assembled? An elaborate bomb. Instead of exploding it would warp the complex to another dimension.

This beautiful panel shows just how strong the Thing is.

thing rips up machinery

He will throw the debris against the Nth man, but, sadly, it will have no effect.

The Aquarian gives it a try.

aquarian joins the fight

It's working but at the cost of shutting down the facility's atmospheric system and endangering everybody, so Aquarian is forced to withdraw.

aquarian withdrawing from the fight

Giant-Man and Quasar join the fray.

giant-man and quasar into the fray

Lightner is one huge pain in the butt.

Quasar gives it a try.

quasar using his power

Giant-Man puts himself forward with a confession

bill foster talking

Ah, Bill, the radiation isn't going to kill you. You're going to die much later during the first superhero Civil War at the hands of a robotic Thor created by Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym.

Anyway, Giant-Man jumps into the Nth Man.

giant-man jumps into the battle

Again, no go. Bill's situation aside, the idea was just plain stupid - I suspect it was a straight suicide attempt on Bill's part.

The heroes don't give up. Once more, the Aquarian.

heroes forming a chain

Remember the super-powered child from the early issues of Marvel Two-In-One? He's still here.

aquarian talking

Quasar, at the end of the "chain", dives into the Nth Man, finds Giant-Man, activates his energy dampening power. Outside of the Nth Man, the strain is approaching the breaking point.

the hero chain

Quasar should be utilizing his power bands because if he's just relying on his physical strength he's the weak link in this chain.

And then it's over.

aquarian and giant-man being thrown clear

In the final reveal of the issue the mysterious Nth Command is really . . .


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