Posted - August 22, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One Annual No. 4
A Matter of Gravity

If you've come to see just what Black Bolt can do with even just a part of his power then you've come to the right place. This guy is definitely a Marvel heavy hitter.

There is a crisis plagueing Attilan and Black Bolt, Medusa and Lockjaw have come looking for the FF. Unfortunately, no one's home and Black Bolt orders his companions back to the Great Refuge. Leaving him -a man who must not speak - in the streets of New York. Black Bolt uses the yellow pages to find the residence of someone close to the FF - Alicia Masters.

Pretty soon we witness the meeting between a woman who cannot see and a man who cannot talk. Black Bolt uses his power to reshape stone and get his message across.

Alicia gets the message and off they go in search of Ben.

In a series of panels meant to be a commentary about bureaucratic red tape Ben is shown enduring a line in the DMV.

Outside, Jarvis of the Avengers is with a guest. A guest who is promptly accosted and kidnapped by a mysterious figure.

Like in a well choreographed script, said guest screams, Black Bolt and Alicia arrives and goes to her aid, Ben steps out of the DMV, sees his girl being led by the disguised Black Bolt, assumes the worst, and lets loose!

Kudos to Black Bolt for never uttering a word even while on the receiving end of a superhuman punch. He's control of his voice is matched by his control of his temper - he does not retaliate against the Thing. Ben recognizes him soon enough and apologizes.

Jarvis recognizes both superheroes and informs them of the kidnapping. Jarvis and Alicia are told to get out of harms way while Black Bolt and the Thing pursue the girl. Her kidnapper is soon revealed as the villain Graviton.

But Graviton does not know he is Graviton - he has amnesia. But his lady captive, Judy, is a former colleague and she knows all about him.

In this state of mind, Graviton is partly in terror of his ability to control gravity. Even more concerning is his body's tendency to flicker or become immaterial from time to time.

Soon enough Black Bolt and the Thing catch up to him. Graviton uses his power to make the Thing so heavy that Ben can't move. The nimble Black Bolt, on the other hand, is difficult to hit.

Since Ben's weight has been increased to such an extent that he has no choice but to stand around for a time he chats with Judy instead. She informs him that Graviton is a product of a lab accident. he went powermad, tangled with the Avengers and was thought to have self-destructed until now.

Graviton cannot help but listen to snatches of Judy's story and this jogs his memory. Unfortunately, Graviton is on the verge of a major physical change.

In an unexpected turn of events the monstrous Graviton appeals to Black Bolt for refuge in Attilan.

At this point I surmise that Black Bolt is looking at this temperamental giant and comes to the right conclusion: that he does not want such a volatile and powerful being in Attilan. I am also sure that Bolt knows that if he refuses, Graviton would most likely go on a rampage. Wise king that he is he puts his people first: he signs 'No'.

And as expected Graviton goes bat-shit crazy.

The rightmost panel above shows Graviton summoning a ball of energy from deep space and giving it a trajectory that will land it right on top of Attilan.

Equally fearsome, is Graviton's creation of mini black holes headed towards the hapless and helpless Benjamin J. Grimm.

Black Bolt comes to Ben's rescue and creates an electron funnel to divert the attack.

In the greatest display of power yet, Black Bolt flies to space and provides a counterblast that nullifies the deadly energy headed towards his kingdom.

Keep in mind that Black Bolt has not yet used the mightiest weapon in his arsenal - his voice. Nor will he in this issue.

The King of Attilan has already demonstrated his self-discipline, his agility and his energy manipulation powers now it is time for him to demonstrate his intellect.

What we need is somebody to interpret. And lo and behold here he is! A tad too convenient really.

But where do they find anti-matter? Fortunately Black Bolt can create that too.

So the the next task is simple: Ben just hurls this chunk of anti-matter at Graviton and that will be the end of him. So Ben does just that. But something strange happens.

The projectile is slow enough so that Graviton can react to it but he just stands there. Black Bolt understands immediately and bats the projectile aside.

Graviton explains.

Wow. Totally unexpected.

With that gallant speech Graviton just 'lets go' and dissolves into nothingness.

Hey Benjy, you were totally useless this issue. Ha ha ha. All hail Black Bolt!

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