Posted - January 1, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 59
Trial and Error

Marvel Two-In-One No. 59

Downtime at the Baxter Building means the Torch gets to pick on the Thing.

torch lighting up the thing

The pair end up making peace and going to McDonald's.

A runaway horse and rider in the heart of New York has them both going into action. The Torch gets things under control.

torch using his power to control a horse

This is why this happened.

norman talking

Here's number two on that list.


This time it's the Thing that gets things under control.

thing in rescue mode

Here's the next thing on the bucket list.

norman talking

Things go wrong almost instantly.

norman in trouble

Luckily, the alarm summons some heavy weight reinforcements.

thing and torch on the attack

Somehow Norman manages to get a few licks in.

norman on the attack

Here's the next item on the list.

bucket list


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