Posted - November 3, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 61
The Coming of Her

Marvel Two-In-One No. 61

In a dock in New York City a strange cocoon fished out of the waters bursts open.

A cocoon breaks open in a New York docks

What is inside is six and a half feet tall, gorgeous as hell, cosmically powered and will take Ben Grimm to an adventure in space.

Here she is bursting in on Ben and Alicia's romantic dinner.

Her breaks in on a private dinner between Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters

Her name isn't 'she' but it's close. Her name is HER. Yup, 'Her'. Which makes her counterpart Adam Warlock who was originally known as 'Him'. Thank god Adam got a decent moniker; we'll get no luck with 'Her' who will continue to be stuck with a name that ensures she won't get her own series soon.

The name might be off, but the powers are off the chart. First, she's able to pummel the Thing.

Her blasts the Thing

Ben actually goes through the wall with that hit.

Even more impressive, Her's power is not only destructive but creative. Here she mends the wall she just broke.

Her uses her power to rebuild rather than destroy

Creative/destructive ability is a signature of the Power Cosmic. Our hero is overpowered but not outclassed - Ben is also a 'product' of Cosmic ray bombardment.

Now for some back history. Look at this panel.

First appearance of Her as she goes up against the Doctor Strange and the Hulk

Here's Her (this name is giving me problems in this writeup) during her (see?) first outing going up against Hulk and Doctor Strange. Where is Her you ask? (Where is she?) She's the dark guy (Her's the dark guy). Yup, she (I mean Her) changed her gender from the previous (Dr. Strange/Hulk) story to this story so she can be more compatible with Adam Warlock. Mmmm Hmmm. She (I mean Her) is the first (and only?) transgender Marvel character!

Big problem for Ben though - Her flies off with Alicia. Strong foes are not a problem. Power blasts can be handled. But when someone flies, old Ben is reduced to standing there with his mouth open. Big problem. But not for long since we have the timely arrival of Starhawk

Starhawk from the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Starhawk is a dual entity - a husband and wife in one being (I told you Marvel operated on the edge). But the important thing is: Starhawk can fly. Since he's so powerful, I was expecting that he would simply lift Ben up. But the story takes a better turn.

Starhawk and Ben in Reed's hangar

Starhawk and Ben break into Reed's spacecraft collection in the Baxter Building and borrow a Skrull starship.

But I'm getting ahead of the story. So Her and Alicia fly off and they land in a park where they trip somebody's "radar". That someone being the gorgeous and very insecure Moondragon. Her was literally born not yesterday but today. True to form she acts like a little kid - force blasts first, questions if anybody survives. Her reaction to Moondragon can be seen below.

Her blasting Moondragon

She's a regular powerhouse (I mean Her).

Starhawk can't just fly, he has cosmic awareness (the same intuitive power that led Starhawk to the Baxter Building in the first place) and so is able to track Her. The Skrull ship is for later, Ben uses his trusty airbike (I love the minimalist design). Once again knee jerk reaction from Her is to attack the newcomers.

Her attacks Ben on a skybike part the first
Her attacks Ben on a skybike part the second

It's Starhawk vs Her. Alright!

Starhawk vs. Her

Her proves just how powerful she is by dunking Starhawk in the river. Behind Her is Moondragon's starship. Using this ship, the three girls (Her, Alicia, and Moondragon) high-off to Counter-Earth in search of Adam Warlock. This is when Ben and Starhawk go for the Skrull ship.

A Skrull starship

As you can see, it's a classic flying saucer.

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