Posted - November 3, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 62
The Taking of Counter-Earth

Marvel Two-In-One No. 62

This story is about to get cosmic and really, really, good.

There's a big problem with Counter-Earth - it's missing! What the women find is the other Moon (Counter-Moon?) that used to circle Counter-Earth. Unlike our natural Moon, this Moon is actually a monitoring and control station that is inhabited by the creator of counter Earth, the High Evolutionary. The women enter and find the High Evolutionary out cold on the floor.

Her, Moondragon and Alicia discover the High Evolutionaly on the floor

Actually, upon closer investigation, the High Evolutionary appears to be dead.

I'm in denial about it (and I would be justified) because this character is simply too good. The High Evolutionary started out as a scientist on Earth and he figured out how to accelerate evolution. Just like a good mad scientist he experimented with himself. Evolving himself to such an extent that he became a master of all human arts and sciences. As ultimate proof of his mastery he recreated the Earth on the other side of the sun - Counter-Earth. So what do we have with the High Evolutionary? He's the perfect human and his accomplishments are proof of human potential, plus he has a cool armored costume and c'mon his house is the Moon!

At this point the guys manage to catch up and the fight is on once again. This time the pairing is Starhawk vs. Her and Thing vs. Moondragon.

The Starhawk vs. Her fight is breathtaking.

Starhawk fighting Her part
		the first
Starhawk fighting Her part
		the second

During the battle we see the "other half" of Starhawk taking over.

Aleta takes over Starhawk and 
		the kid gloves are off against Her

This is Aleta who shares the Starhawk persona with her husband. And I thought Firestorm was the first and only such hero.

Magnificent and interesting as the Starhawk-Her fight is , the Thing vs. Moondragon fight has a better ending.

The Thing spanking Moondragon

It's good to be the Thing even though Benjy is taking advantage of the fact that his girlfriend is blind (Are you touching her ass Ben? No, no, that's Starhawk spanking Her).

Thanks to Alicia, the whole thing gets sorted out.

Her has been impressing with her power levels but this is by far the most impressive display of all: Resurrecting the High Evolutionary.

Her and Moondragon attempt to resurrect the High Evolutionary

The Evolutionary explains that it was Adam Warlock who killed him in a fit of anger. It is at this point that the High Evolutionary notices that his planet (Counter-Earth) is missing. Apparently stolen.

Now what kind of of Moon would the High Evolutionary have if it wasn't able to give chase?

The High Evolutionary's artificial Moon races through the spaceways.

It's not just a home, it's a mobile home.

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