Posted - November 3, 2015

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 63
Suffer Not A Warlock To Live

Marvel Two-In-One No. 63

Here's a great shot of the High Evolutionary livid at the theft of his greatest creation.

An angry High Evolutionary

Finally we are shown just how a planet is stolen.

Counter-Earth being stolen

At this point, Starhawk changes back to the male half.

Starhawk turning back to his male form

Our heroes break into the planet stealer ship and these thieves are gigantic. I love what happens next.

The High Evolutionary increases in size to confront an alien

Increasing stature is NOT an issue with th High Evolutionary. I love it. The Thing is my favorite Marvel hero (together with the Beast) but Ben looks like an action figure in the panel above.

The tale gets better when the High Evolutionary finds out that these thieves, who call themselves the Prime Movers of Tarkus, were hired by somebody else. So the High Evolutionary asks who "hired" these Movers.

The High Evolutionary  
		is informed who ordered the taking of Counter-Earth

The Beyonders! In a still more fascinating twist.

The High Evolutionary
		explains that Counter Earth is not what it seems

It seems that Counter-Earth is not the mirror planet that we thought it was. The fake Earth doesn't have the quality of the real McCoy. Therefore . . .

The High Evolutionary gives permission for the taking of Counter Earth

Now only one issue remains: Adam Warlock.

And the dead is brought back to life.

Her brings Warlock back to life, sort of


There is no life in Warlock's body

The soul of Adam Warlock resides in the Soul Gem currently on the forehead of the Elder of the Universe known as the Gardener.

Gardener, an Elder of the 

Adam isn't missing out on a hot babe though because, if I remember correctly, he's got Gamora in the Soul Gem with him. It's Her that's missing out, and in the end, this extremely powerful and unique being simply flies off to space.

So this story arc becomes the jumping off point for two other possible stories in the Marvel universe. First the meeting of the High Evolutionary and the Beyonders and final fate of Counter-Earth. Second, the further adventures of Her (including a less confusing name I hope).

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