Posted - August 21, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 67
Passport To Oblivion

This is an issue about conclusions and tie-ups. The wonderful thing about it is that it is heavy on Marvel lore. But that lore has to push out some things, so this issue is light on the action. But the fight scene between the Thing and Hyperion - although short - is well done.

The first conclusion concerns the Serpent Crown.

The lump of rock Ben is tossing into a magnetic stasis field is actually a ball of steel. Inside is the sinister Serpent Crowns (there are two). The Pegasus Project offers to analyze them but Ben explains that he's just looking for them to store the Crowns until Reed can go take a look at it.

Ben and Quasar retire to the cafeteria where they bump into Giant-Man.

Bill's despondency is due to a potentialy fatal radiation disease he has that Project Pegasus is helping resolve. But so far no news. I can just imagine what it's like to have a 'sword of Damocles' over one's head - you just can't get on with the next thing in your life until some kind of resolution (good or bad) is arrived at.

Now let us look to an interesting pair: Hyperion and Thundra.

By way of catching up with these two, we are given their back histories. This is done through dialog boxes not panels. Here's are capsule explanations:

  • Hyperion - Comes from a microworld that was destroyed during humanity's first nuclear experiments. Hyperion set out to destroy the Earth in revenge but has been foiled so far - most notably by Thor. From the power perspective Hyperion is Marvel's Superman, complete with heat vision, super-breath and all those wonderful DC gimmickry.
  • Thundra - Coming from a planet of Amazons with the intent of convincing Earth people of adopting the same female-centric society, Thundra is Marvel's Wonder Woman. I particularly like the fact that that she's seven feet tall. Thundra's homeworld too has been destroyed or changed by a mergence with another planet. Her strength class is around the level of Luke Cage.

Both extraterrestrials are about to be shystered by the Nth Command (financed by the Roxxon Corporation) - the same shadowy group that has been causing so much trouble in Project Pegasus. They are led into an underground base and . . .

The Nth Command have managed to lure two very powerful beings into an underground base of theirs and, of course, they want something from this pair. But before they can ask for that 'something' they have to give something in exchange. And what they have to give is pretty good: passage for Thundra and Hyperion into their respective homeworlds.

But both homeworlds are destroyed you ask? And yes, both Hyperion and Thundra ask that too. It is still possible, according to the Nth Command, because of alternate realities. The pair will be sent to their homeworld on a divergent alternate reality were these worlds were never destroyed. The machines on display above will be the means of transporting them home.

We never get to the part were the Nth Command gets to reveal the price for such a boon because Thundra goes crazy and decides to steal the device!

Hyperion, who is smitten with Thundra, decides to come along for the ride.

Speaking of 'smitten', Ben has broke up with Alicia and he's having second thoughts about it. He and Reed have a discussion on the matter.

There is one point that Reed is missing here: Sue, as the Invisible Girl, can call forth her powers; Alicia has no such options.

And now we have the much awaited meeting of powerhouses.

As you can see, Hyperion just pushed Ben Grimm. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. The next panels speak for themselves.

Who wins? The fight never really ends conclusively but it's enough for Ben to draw his own conclusions.

You heard it from the Thing, Hyperion is stronger.

While all this is going on, the Nth Command goes in pursuit of their tech and manages to use more tech to nab Thundra.

Thundra is not so easily captured though.

The Nth command withdraw but not before activating the self-destruct on their stolen device. With the self-destruct countdown endangering her ticket home, Thundra activates it and begins teleporting to her homeworld - Hyperion joins her.

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