Posted - April 15, 2018

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Mister Miracle No. 1
Meet Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle No. 1

Hello, welcome to the first issue of Mister Miracle. And with that: Goodbye. Our hero is getting the hell out of here.

Scott Free gets into the hospital in time. Here he is being wheeled out by his wife Big Barda.

Scott is back in his apartment looking at his bandaged wrists and who should drop by? Orion.

Okay, a little history. Mister Miracle (Scott Free) is the son of the ruler of New Genesis, Highfather. Orion is a the son of Darkseid who rules Apokolips, a rival planet. When they were children, to broker peace within the planets, the two sons were traded. Scott was raised in Apokolips while Orion resided in New Genesis. Orion has apparently heard of Scott's suicide attempt and in a show of concern he is here to remind Scott of something.

This getting hit and standing up goes on for a while.

This brutal display is Orion teaching Scott that no matter how much life hits you in the face you have to get up. You don't slash your wrist. You. Get. Up.

It is not only Orion who visits. At a time like this a father will always visit his son.

It's a peaceful moment for father and son but Highfather has some dire news: Darkseid is up to his old tricks and the Master of Apokokips has completed his anti-life equation. Yes, Math is evil.

As if the suicide was not enough, we are shown other instances that point to Mister Miracle not being in the best psychological form. Here he is with Oberon.

The problem with this one is that Oberon is dead but Scott swears he was with Oberon. Not good.

Scott needs peace; he needs some time to fix himself up. What he gets is the last thing he needs.

At the risk of destroying the mood I find it very amusing to note that Motherboxes are now depicted like smartphone-like devices - they used to be this thicker, small, rectangular boxes.

Seconds before the journey back to New Genesis Scott is so unhinged Barda has to recreate Orion's lesson with him.

What a great issue and what a rocky start for Mister Miracle.

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