Posted - April 15, 2018

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Marvel Two-In-One No. 2
Our First Adventure

Marvel Two-In-One No. 02

Even before this story starts the Thing has created a big problem for himself by giving Johnny false hope that Reed and Sue are alive. I understand why he did it but the pressure on Ben because of this lie is a constant pressure that could have been avoided. Anyway, what's done is done . . .

Alicia knows of Ben's deception and her counsel is wise but she does not press the point.

alicia talking to ben

Reed left something located in the site of 'their first adventure'. So off Ben and Johnny go in the classic "bathtub" Fantasticar. Destination: Monster Isle. The Four's first adventure was the Mole Man adventure.


Here is the breathtaking approach to Monster Isle.

monster isle

Funny I should mention the Mole Man.

monsters of monster isle

The Thing and the Human Torch walk in on an election. Yes, an election. The leadership of the subterranean realm is being contested by the Mole Man and Googam. Googam is the monster to the right that has a resemblance to Karnak of the Inhumans.

Anyway with the arrival of the pair, the election route has been discarded. The leadership will go to whoever beats the the Human Torch and the Thing.

monster isle vs the fantastic two

Googam gets it from the Thing.

the thing punches googam

The Torch isn't faring so well, actually he's about to be defeated. At a critical moment we have a new arrival.

victor von doom or is it iron man

I believe he's calling himself Iron Man these days. The Thing has a knee jerk reaction to Doom but he is shunted aside.

doom blasts the thing

In a hilarious turn, the denizens of monster Isle proclaim Doom as their new leader.

doom hailed

Continuing the fun, as his first edict, Doom orders the Mole Man and Googam from the area into the depths of the Earth.

doom issues a proclamation

The cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday is this.

doom leaves

Doom leaves. Having become the rightful ruler of the Mole Man's domains he cares absolutely nothing for it. Classic Doom.

Doom doesn't have a monopoly on arrogance (after all Namor and Quicksilver are still around). Alhthough he's been arrogant ever since. Her he is in front of Reed and Ben gloating over his win of a science prize.

doom gloats over his victory

Here are Reed and Ben sneaking into school after hours to prank Von Doom.

reed and ben sneak into the school

And the prank is this.

the tampered trophy

All this Ben remembers. This was the first adventure. Not Monster Isle. This. So Ben and Johnny go back to that trophy and . . .

reed's device

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