Posted - April 8, 2018

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Star Wars Doctor Aphra No. 16
Remastered Part III

Star Wars Doctor Aphra No. 16

We start with the eternal and irresistible mystery of 'what's in the box?'.

doctor aphra and her crew opening a box

What is in the box are some refugees from Pokemon.

doctor aphra holding a pokemon

Just then, a stormtrooper tries to escape but is, well - eaten.

one of aphra's crewmen eating a stormtrooper

Aphra's team make there way to an interesting chamber.

an ancient temple or data bank

Aphra the archaeologist identifies this as a a place related to a historical 'Hundred Year Darkness'. Futhermore she identifies a dangerous relic.

a weird looking relic

Magna Tolvan and her team crash their ship into the structure.

magna tolvan and her crew crash into a building

Considering that they are Imperials, Magno Tolvan's team are behaving like mercenaries - whatever happened to landing outside and mounting an organized assault? It would be a miracle if that crash did not affect said dangerous relic, no miracles here, and so, the relic awakens. A big problem.

a hellhulk

Aphra referred to this beast as a 'Hellhulk'. O-kay. While all hell literally breaks loose this happens.

doctor aphra and inspector tolvan aiming guns at each other

Chelli Aphra on the left, Magna Tolvan on the right. Prey and predator. Quarry and hunter. But the most important thing to remember here is that these two are very much attracted to each other. Anyway, this impasse is broken up by the Hellhulk.

In the midst of all the action we find out what those cute Pokemon creatures can do.

a hellhulk blowing up

This is my favorite series of panels between Chelli and Magna so far.

doctor aphra and inspector tolvan talking doctor aphra and inspector tolvan talking

In the midst of certain death what would you do? The one thing you would regret not doing and it should be doable right now. So . . .

chelli and magna kissing

Here's a delightful little panel during the chaos.

contract discussion in the midst of a firefight

What a nugget of truth this contains. When the shit hits the fan it's time to dodge your duty by reading the fine print. This happens all the time in our world too - so amusing to see it referenced here.

The Hellhulk is disposed off by collapsing the entire facility over its head.

Magna and Chelli are discovered by Chelli's ally, Rexa.

rexa levels a gun at magna tolvan

What happens next? Let's just say that only two of the three people in this panel gets to walk away - and it's not the one with the gun. Arthra is somewaht remorseful.

aphra talking to the missing rexa

It is somewhat amusing to see the Doctor distract everybody else from their missing comrade by emphasizing looting.

doctor aphra talking about looting

Or simply artlessly changing the subject.

doctor aphra talking about ditching

Aphra contacts Three-Zero.

three zero

We find out what Three-Zero is looking for.

doctor aphra talking

The mission is a fail because what they wanted got transferred to another facility with even tighter security.

doctor aphra talking

The issue ends with the amusing way that Doctor Aphra announces to her team that they are about to go on an impossible mission.

doctor aphra talking

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