Posted - April 15, 2018

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Teen Titans No. 16
Alone Against The World

Teen Titans No. 16

We look in on Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire as they try to quell an enraged Mammoth.

mammoth goes berserk

Unknown to Starfire she is being analyzed by the Psions as this fight proceeds.

starfire under the microscope

Mammoth's superhuman strength and toughness is met by Starfire's energy powers.

starfire energy blast

The actual capture of Mammoth is instigated by Raven.

raven captures mammoth

As Starfire flies off, the Psions take control of some citizens of New York and attack her.

starfure under attack

Starfire retaliates.

starfire energy burst

But it is an innocent after all, so she takes him to the hospital. In the operating room this happens.

operating room chaos

The unified attack on Starfire continues and she is captured by the Psions.

starfire trapped

But Starfire proves too powerful to contain.

the power of starfire

But this time both Raven . . .

raven attacks

. . . and Garth . . .

beast boy attacks

. . . are under the thrall of the Psions.

Starfire takes a page from Robin's playbook, ignore his teammates and go for the Psions themselves.

psions attacked

It works.

Those brutal aliens who once tortured Starfire are exiled by Raven to a place she does not mention.

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