Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 167
The Goldilocks Syndrome

Uncanny X-Men No. 167

We open with the New Mutants . . .

new mutants watching tv

. . . and the sudden appearance of the X-Men!

x-men and new mutants in x-mansion

With such a surprising entrance and never having met the X-Men before one cannot blame the New Mutants from assuming that they are under attack. The first to counter is Cannonball.

cannonball hits colossus

Cyclops has a funny way of communicating that he means no harm.

cyclops using his optic blast

On the other hand, if the X-Men simply rang the doorbell the panels wouldn't be as exciting.

Danielle Moonstar calls forth Cyclops' greatest fear.

mirage goes up against cyclops

Turning into a Brood. Strangely, this fear has already come to pass but it seems it is still very much on Scott's mind.

Wolverine proves too much for the New Mutants.

wolverine tackles the new mutants

Kitty proposes an intriguing alternative theory to the reason for the formation of the New Mutants.

kitty thinking

There's a bit of a tussle, but unsurprisingly, the X-Men really have no problems quelling the younger team (trainees actually). In any event this scuffle is quickly put in the backburner as something more serious starts happening.

professor x turns into a brood queen

The Professor doesn't simply transform into a Brood but a Brood Queen, who promptly attacks. Prompting Cyclops to respond with his traditional counter.

brood hit by optic blast

Anybody who can take on Colossus is going to be tough to put down.

brood queen fights colossus

Wolverine is kept young by his healing factor but he's really what? Eighty? The experience shows in his success at partially disarming the Brood Queen.

 wolverine slashes the brood queen

From lots of experience we go to hardly any at all as Xian Coy Manh bravely tries her hand against the Brood Queen. Or rather, tries her mind.

karma fights the brood queen

Enjoy Karma's panels while you can, she will be the first of the New Mutants to leave the team.

Things quickly go sour for the Brood Queen as she encounters the X-Men's heavy hitters one after the other.


binary attacks the brood queen


storm attacks the brood queen

The victory is not a victory at all though.

brood queen goes down

I've said it before and I say it again: I love how decisive Cyclops is as a leader.

cyclops the leader

I also love the fact that he's wearing the classic X-Men uniform - a visual bridge to the original team .

For the Professor this is the solution.

starjammer medical lab

I find it particularly poignant, yet unsurprising, that Nightcrawler is nervous about being accepted by the New Mutants.

nightcrawler brooding

Kurt's situation is such a struggle - he even worries about being accepted by other mutants. On the brighter side, Scott is coming to realize that he has family.

cyclops talks with his dad

Just when I thought things were slowing down, Superman arrives.


Gladiator has two distinct reports one is about things at home.

gladiator talking

The other is about those nutjobs, the FF.

lillandra talking

The FF promptly get a literal wake up call from Lilandra informing them of their 'crime'. Speaking of 'literal', the Professor is literally better then ever - he can walk!

professor x walking

That's just genius Mr. Claremont.

The next panel shows that bad times do happen (the last several issues) but there are breaks in the storm.

professor x talking

Before the issue ends Kitty gets 'demoted' to the New Mutants. Thus, the colorful title of the next issue.

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