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Uncanny X-Men No. 166
Live Free or Die

Uncanny X-Men No. 166

We get a nice one panel summary of how the Brood colonized their homeworld.

brood homeworld

Then another panel showing their slavery of the Acanti.

captured acanti

Then suddenly, Binary attacks the Brood.

binary attacks

In a touching scene, the enslaved Acanti asks for a final release.

acanti and binary

Storm, again in her "ghostly" form, manages to contact Binary.

ghost storm

After that, a reunion.

x-men reunited

Storm tells of the Acanti-Prophet singer.


And she tells of a new prophet-singer.


With that Ororo proposes an alternative to a suicide run against the Brood.

storm talking

Let's revisit where the X-Men are at this time, not physically, but in terms of their mindset and emotions. In one word: they're fucked. Ok three words. The Brood eggs laying inside most of the X-Men are a death sentence. Just think about the frustration they feel against a fate they cannot fight against. That is mental and emotional torture - it is an every minute, every second, kind of oppression. But with Storm's arrival there is something, a noble thing, that they can do. It in no way helps them directly with their problems but focusing on helping the Acanti stops that constant tension from thinking about the Brood eggs. So with the X-Men so also with us isn't it? When you're in the middle of a bad time a worthy call to action is a distraction to be embraced.

It sounds good to everybody, all they need is a plan, but of course, they have the man with the plan.

cyclops talking

I miss the days when Cyclops did not have all the drama and was just a kick-ass X-Men leader. Wolverine does mess up the party with his doubts regarding the Brood lying inside each of the other X-Men - he and Storm excepted.

wolverine talking

It is Kitty who intervenes and prevails over fear.

kitty talking

It's action time.

x-men beaming down

A nod to Star Trek and the X-Men are inside the Brood homeworld. Just as the X-Men think that everything is working smoothly we have a spy.

brood talking

I love this panel showing the X-Men moments after their arrival in the Brood planet.

x-men on broodworld

In space, a huge Brood fleet is pursuing the young Acanti prophet-singer but they have a BIG problem.

binary attacking

Don't you just love cosmic-class powered heroes?

Back on planet, as the X-Men fight, Cyclops is beginning to show signs that he is coming under Brood control.

x-men fighting brood

Just as the struggle in space begin to go against Binary and Storm we have a welcome arrival.

starjammer starship

Again on planet, Cyclops is in a truly bad way.

cyclops changing to brood

Those Brood eyes not only allow him to control his eye blasts but they also give him double optic blasts.

double optic blast

In retrospect, this "betrayal" looks like a foreshadowing of the darker Cyclops we will be having in the future.

In an unfortunate turn, the ground team is defeated.

x-men defeated

The panel above shows the sheer size of the Brood Queen when compared to the 'regular' Brood.

Kitty is the last X-Man standing. As she is about to fall we have the wonderful debut of Lockheed!

lockheed attacks

Then something mysterious happens.

kitty and lockheed enthralled

Cyclops struggles with his transformation and Wolverine takes the opportunity of freeing himself.

wolverine free

Logan angles it so he doesn't get a direct hit, only enough to destroy his shackles. Wolverine takes the Queen hostage.

wolverine attacks

The X-Men begin to undergo their ghastly transformation.

x-men transforming into brood

But more than that, the Acanti soul is also showing signs of corruption. A corruption that will lead to a Brood-Acanti alliance that will not be based on slavery. Just as the axe is about to fall, Binary, under Storm's instructions manages to release the Acanti soul from the old prophet-singer to the new.

binary using here power

It's an exhausting process that forces Carol's transformation to, well, Carol.

carol danvers

The release of the soul had other, pleasant, effects.

x-men and crystallized brood queen

Binary's power surge also causes the Broodworld (known as Sleazeworld to the X-Men) to be destroyed.

destruction of brood homeworld

And now for the epilogue panels. First Storm.

storm talking

What would the X-Men be without another problem waiting in the wings?

wolverine talking

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