Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 169

Uncanny X-Men No. 169

A word about Candy Sothern. She's an old name from the classic X-Men days. I just love that. Anyway, she's Angel's girlfriend and she comes home to find him gone- apparently kidnapped. She just has time to inform Professor X about it before she becomes kidnapped herself. Well, maybe not just kidnapped.

sunder intimidating cancy sothern

The Professor immediately sends Nightcrawler to rescue Candy.

nightcrawler bamfing

Why does Sebastian Shaw dress in 19th century style?

sebastian shaw in the hellfire club

Because he's a billionaire and having that kind of dough, he can do anything he wants (well, nearly anything). Anyway, it seems that Shaw and his Hellfire Club have problems of their own.

the white queen comatose

The following panels show that Amanda Sefton, Nightcrawler's girlfriend, is a witch.

x-men in amanda sefton's place

It explains why she is so comfortable with our devilish-looking X-Man. Sefton is also perfect for a cameo in a Dr. Strange comic; maybe it has already happened and I just don't know about it. Her being a witch also makes her really comfortable with Lockheed.

amanda with lockheed

This discussion between Storm and Xavier sheds light on the differing roles between New Mutants and X-Men.

storm talking to the professor

The X-Men are closing in on the now legendary Morlock tunnels.

x-men under new york

The X-Men are attacked but it's just a bunch of street people. I"m really more worried about the street people.

We get a first glimpse of what could be considered the Morlock high command.

morlock leadership

Sunder, Masque, and Callisto. Third girl from the left, Plague, is a photo bomber.

The X-Men continue to beat up on street people. So sad (nice panels though).

x-men fighting street people

Eventually Storm will be able to successfully challenge Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men - the panels below show Ororo growing into that role.

x-men in the tunnels

Somehow even Kitty's phased form was not immune to Plague's touch. This is where Caliban comes in.

caliban rescues kitty

Soon the X-Men discover what happened to Angel.

angel held prisoner

The three remaining X-Men attack, of course, but there are a LOT of Morlocks.

x-men fighting morlocks

Okay, Storm gets beaten by a slingshot. What?!

callisto takes out storm

A slingshot?

My theory about the panels below is that the Morlocks, being mutants, somebody used some kind of power to knock Peter out.

colossus overwhelmed

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