Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 170
Dancin' in the Dark

Uncanny X-Men No. 170

Before we head over to the main event let's check out Scott and that Jean Grey lookalike, Madelyne. Scott seems to be falling for her and does the honorable thing: he tells her about Jean. They come to a decision:

scott and madelyne talking

Back at the Morlock tunnels Callisto shows us how demented she really is.

the  marriage of callisto  and angel

No need for shots of the honeymoon. Thanks.

When Storm starts getting roughed up, the X-Men go for round two.

x-men unleashed

Perfect match: Colossus vs Sunder.

colossus fights sunder

When Nightcrawler teleports anybody it strains him but the strain to the transportee is even greater. Callisto gets treated to multiple teleportation rides.

nightcrawler teleporting

She's nearly unconscious after Kurt has his way with her (that didn't sound right). The X-Men almost have this thing wrapped up where it not for that bitch Plague.

plague strikes

We get a capsule introduction of the Morlocks.

callisto talking

The mutant referred to above is Caliban.

We switch scenes - temporarily - to one heck of a baffling panel.

mystique  dream sequence

I have so many questions I'm not even asking any.

Oh, I've been had. Mystique was just having a dream. Damn. Mystique lives with both Rogue and Destiny. After her little nightmare episode it is found out that Rogue has run away.

Back to the tunnels. The Morlocks style themselves as Outcasts, in the tragic Masque we got to see what that means up close.

masque talking

Caliban's arrival with a near-death Kitty show that the X-Men can free themselves at will. But this time not to fight but to see what they can do about Kitty.

kitty sick

JIt is from Caliban that some kind of solution comes.

caliban talking

Nighcrawler issues the challenge but he is overruled by X-Men leader Storm. It is a worrying thing for the X-Men because Storm is sick from Plague's touch.

It is a no powers kind of fight, at least on the X-Men side.

callisto throws a knife

Callisto's sneering overconfidence . . .

callisto fighting storm

. . . will cost her a lot.

storm stabs callisto


I love it when arrogant people get what's theirs. I think Ororo just found, in these moments, that missing something that will allow her to lead the X-Men more effectively.

storm rescues angel

Back to Scott and Madelyne, it's time for Scott to tell her about yet another secret.

cylops shows madelyne his optic blast

She's ok with it.

madelyne and scott

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