Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 181
Tokyo Story

Uncanny X-Men No. 181

A dragon shows up in the sky's over Japan and in a very Japanese turn, the kids consult their Monster Book.

japanese kids

Surprisingly, the X-Men start appearing under the shadow of the dragon and begin falling down unto Japan.

under a dragon

This is right after their trip to the Secret Wars Battleworld - so between last issue and this issue that would be twelve Secret Wars issues.

This discussion shows just how powerful Rogue is (and, yes, that would also mean that Ms. Marvel is that powerful).

professor x talking

Wolverine's thoughts point to the current leadership dynamics.

wolverine thinking

I think the solution for this is for Xavier to stay in the sidelines and let Storm lead the X-Men.

It's interesting that in Marvel's Japan, monster attacks are not unheard of.

japanese military

The dragon starts doing a 'Godzilla' in Tokyo. Here's Colossus taking care of falling debris.

colossus destroys debris

Nightcrawler gets people out of harm's way.

nightcrawler rescuing people

Professor X's probe of the Dragon's mind reveals something interesting.

professor x using his power

Unsurprisingly, we have the entrance of New X-Men founding member, Sunfire.


Japanese defense forces start attacking the dragon.

japanese military fighting the dragon

Uh oh.

professor x under the rubble

From the Doom Patrol to the X-Men why do mentors have to be in wheelchairs? Anyway, Xavier panicked to see his legs crushed again. It was exaggerated, but you know what? Considering that this happened to him before Charles only shows he's human by panicking. He's hard on himself though.

Amidst the rubble, Wolverine makes one heck of a promise.

wolverine to the rescue

It is Lockheed who successfully stops the big dragon.

lockheed warns off the dragon

The dragon just suddenly disappears. As to why, it is not explained. The dragon's actions are explained though - it was trying to build a nest.

a dragon nest

Back in Washington, forebodings of the future.

a document in washington

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