Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 180
Who's Life Is It Anyway?

Uncanny X-Men No. 180

It's been put off long enough but Professor X can walk now. Walk? Forget walk, how about this . . .

professor x playing basketball

The 'scanning wave' attacks on him are getting more frequent.

professor x plagued by a psychic attack

This is, of course, some kind of foreshadowing from Claremont. Psionic foes are always formidable.

We take a peek at Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey, the future New Mutant, Cypher, in a relic of a bygone era - the arcade.

an arcade

It's a mark of an awesome player if they get banned from the gaming consoles.

angry arcade owner

Incidentally, and unknown to him, Doug gets an invite to the Hellfire Club.

doug ramsey talking to kitty pryde

While KItty and Doug are living it up in the mall, Peter is consumed by jealousy.

colossus in a jealous fit

In a rather too convenient turn of events, Ororo is witness to a street robbery.

a robbery

She takes the muggers out with her bare hands.

ororo in action

Then she makes a miscalculation and decides to use her powers for show.

ororo using her power

It not only scares the criminals it scares the victims too. Bad decision Ororo.

Since Storm's new look and the accompanying new personality there has been a gap between Kitty and Ororo. They make their peace here.

ororo and kitty hugging

Psi attacks to the Professor explained. It's Secret Wars!

secret wars secret wars secret wars

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