Posted - April 14, 2018

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X-Men Blue No. 20
Cross Time Capers Part 5

X-Men Blue No. 20

Charles Xavier II and his crew are in gloat mode. You know what gloat mode is right? That is the mode you go to when you know you've won.

xavier II and crew basking ins their victory

I'm reminded of the line in the movie Young Guns: "There's many a slip between the cup and the lip". In this case the slip comes from a vampiric Storm.

vampire storm strikes

And just like that 'gloat mode' becomes premature.

a warning from the original x-men

Once again with the references. In the fantasy epic Malazan Book of the Fallen when armies fight a key decider is the strength of the mages on both sides. In this battle it's the strength of the psychics.

a battle of psychics

Thankfully, Xavier junior isn't as strong as Daddy. And on that note, I think that if ever Xavier has a kid who is not a jerk or twisted in some mental way, it's probably going to be the end of the Marvel universe.

Magneto is a definite heavy-hitter on the side of the original X-Men.

magneto joins the fray

While the fight is going on Jean slips out to go and find the Professor. And find him she does.

jean find professor xavier

Back in the fight, Beast shows brilliant form against Old Man Deadpool.

the beast in action against old man logan

The original X-Men push for the victory by - and this is an understatement - 'summoning reinforcements'.

everybody get in here

In classic villain mode, Xavier II vanishes with is team and threatens to come back.

xavier II and team make good their escape

And now we have the original X-Men reunion.

original x-men reunion

Welcome hugs and greetigs give way to plans for the future.

xavier and his students

Xavier II and company have another encounter with Magneto.

magneto and xaveir II's team

And this time Magneto's really pissed.

angry magneto

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