Posted - April 8, 2018

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X-Men Gold No. 24
Cruel and Unusual Part 2

X-Men Gold No. 24

It's the cliche prison fight scene were somebody beats up on somebody else to get a 'reputation' among the prisoners. In this case it's whats-her-name planning to beat up on Ororo, Rachel and Kitty. Unfortunately whats-her-name doesn't know this.

kitty fighting

It's a prison reputation fail.

x-men winning a yard fight

Callisto is here too but she's a strict spectator.


Manhattan comes under attack.

chaos in manhattan

With the core team in prison, Bobby leads the reserve team.

First up: Armor.



Iceman, Rogue and Ink.

iceman, rogue, and ink


Magma and Pyro.

magma and pyro

Nope. But really nice to look at.

The reason for this onslaught is revealed.

ivan guerrero talking

'I'm hurt so I'm going to hurt the world' is not a trope. I believe it's called being human. Combine that with superhuman powers and we have a devastating problem needing a superhuman solution. And that solution is named Rogue.

rogue to the rescue

Back in prison the penalty for a yard fight is solitary confinement. This is a huge issue for Ororo who is famously a claustrophobic.

storm in a cell

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