Bowen Mini Busts

Bowen Designs mini-busts have the detail and sculptural intricacy of Bowen Statues in a smaller size.

What's the advantage of these statues being smaller you ask? Well, these mini-busts are ideal for displaying on your desk. The heavy statues will be more at home on a display shelf. The mini-busts also don't cost as much as the full size statues.

From the collectability point of view, you should see what a mini-bust collection looks like. They are just beautiful lined up all in a row.

Bowen has made so many Marvel mini-busts that you can focus on just a subset. Are you an Avengers fan? You can just narrow your collection to mini-busts of heroes that have become Avengers. Ok, maybe that's not such a good example since almost every hero in the Marvel universe (and some villains, hello Sandman), have become Avengers at one point or the other. How about X-Men? You can collect just your favorite mutants. Or how about a 'Bring on the Bad Guys' collection? Just all the villains?

Mini-busts are also a great "starter collection" if you find yourself considering collecting Bowen Designs statues. You can literally start small with Bowen and then buy the big, limited edition statues later on if you find that you want to fully commit as a Bowen collector.

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