Daredevil 158

Daredevil's Fighting Style

daredevil 158 panel

Daredevil is unique among the major heroes because he's blind. This necessitates a slightly different fighting style that the best writers can get creative with. We're going to take a look at Daredevil in a fight as presented by the team of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

Up against DD is the fearsome Death-Stalker.

daredevil 158 panel : death stalker

Death-Stalker used to be the villain known as Exterminator; an accident threw him to Limbo, Immortus' realm, a place out of time where all timelines meet (For more on Limbo, check out my post on Thor's adventure in that incredible place). His stay in Limbo gave Death-Stalker two of his key weapons. First, is the ability to kill just by touching, an artificial ability that makes use of an Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) design. Second, Death-Stalker's link with Limbo means he is not altogether a part of our timestream. This allows him to become intangible, or entirely disappear, in our reality; but only if he's not using his touch of death.

With that, let the battle begin.

Normally, Death-Stalker registers as a blurred haze in Daredevil's radar sense, but when Death-Stalker activates his death touch, he comes fully into our world and appears sharp in Matt's radar.

daredevil 158 panel : radar

As can be seen by the panel below, Daredevil uses his hyper sensitive hearing in order to detect movement.

daredevil 158 panel : hearing

Here we see Death-Stalker disappearing from our world.

daredevil 158 panel : disappear

An ambush!

daredevil 158 panel : ambush

Once again, extremely sensitive hearing saves the day.

daredevil 158 panel : roll

Another Daredevil characteristic is his incredible agility.

daredevil 158 panel : agility

Best of all, Daredevil is a cerebral fighter - always trying to think his way into victory. In this well-crafted set of panels he realizes that he has to place himself in a position of advantage against Death-Stalker; he does just that by "turning off the lights"!

daredevil 158 panel : think

And now for the coupe de grace! The billy club smashes Death-Stalker's hand in a panel so good it jumps off the page.

daredevil 158 panel : smash

If you're in the mood for some street level fighting, you can't go wrong with a good Daredevil comic. This is from issue 158 of the first series - the first issue of Frank Miller's first Daredevil run. Quality stuff.

Posted by  Pete Albano - October 26, 2011

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