Posted - June 17, 2014 | Updated : August 26, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man v3 2

Why Electro? Because of the movie , of course.

So back in issue 1, we were shown that on the day Peter was bitten, a girl was also bitten by the same spider. And she makes an appearance here, although still remaining very mysterious. Some things are revealed though. First, she knows Peter is Spider-Man. Second, she has vhs tapes of Spider-Man's battles which she studies and third . . .

the mysterious spider girl unleashing her webs

. . . she has organic webs! They seem to be generated through her skin. Her little trick with the light switch shows that she's no newbie. Big question: What has she been doing all this time? And just like that, the question just flies off into the aether with no answer forthcoming - at least not in this issue.

Meanwhile, Peter tries to gently break the bad news to Ana Maria that her lover Doc Ock is no longer, well, no longer around. This is tantamount to telling Ana Maria that her boyfriend has died, so I'm expecting an explosion followed by sobs. Obviously, Ana Marconi is made of sterner stuff. She reacts in two ways. First:

ana says she has to cook

Plausible, but not something I would do myself. In moments of crisis I tend to just sit there expending every ounce of my energy trying to prevent what seems to be an eminent internal collapse. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Here's Maria Marconi's second reaction:

ana says she has to walk

Now this I can relate to. I'm the kind of person that a good long walk keeps me sane from time to time.

Let's leave this melodramatic scene to meet up with Electro. Last time we saw this guy his power went haywire and he blew up a prison, for the second time. This was the first time . Evidently he managed to regain consciousness and is now walking the streets of New York. He rings up an old girlfriend who graciously welcomes him in.

francine welcomes electro

". . .Come in and plug in"? I thought this was a general patronage comic.

Look at the pics on Francine's walls.

francine's apartment

You just know this girl collects "Superior Foes of Spider-Man". I wonder if she, you know, invites all the members of the Sinister 6 to "come in and plug in"? I love her, she's Naughty Girl .

Peter meets up with the Avengers and has to explain why he's wearing pants over his costume.

spider-man explaining why he's wearing pants to
					the avengers

See this piece of dialogue? Of all the heroes in Marvel, DC, Image, Top Cow, IDW and the long defunct Crossgen, only Spider-Man gets to say something remotely like this - okay, maybe Ambush Bug .

Here's the best panel shot of the Avengers in this issue.

the avengers

Cap is on the floor because Spidey punched him, something about Flash Thompson/Venom. I don't fuly understand though - the perils of missing out on back issues..

Peter was thoughtful enough to bring the cookies Ana Maria baked and I am loving how Spider-Woman is loving those cookies.

spider-woman likes them cookies

Back to Electro. Francine kisses Electro and his out-of-control powers apparently kills her.

electro accidentally kills francine

Electro blames Spider-Man for this. How angry will you get if somebody did something to you and now you can never, ever get laid? Electro must be in a murderous mood at this point.

The fight is on! And artist Humberto Ramos treats us to two gorgeous fight panels.


spider-man vs. electro


electro vs. spider-man

Electro reminds me of the LSH's Lightning Lad in this second panel.

Here's something I've never seen before: Electro flying off like the Torch, only its lightning not fire.

electro flying off

More revelations from the Black Cat who is off to the side watching the fight. Back in issue 1 the Black Cat was incarcerated, but an opportune power outage allows her to escape. That power outage, it turns out, was caused by Electro. This time, the Black Cat uses her luck powers to allow Electro to escape from Spidey.

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