Posted - July 25, 2014 | Updated : August 27, 2015

Superior Spider-Man 6
Joking Hazard

The story in Superior Spider-Man #6 reminds me of three balls on a billiard table being launched simultaneously and hitting an 8-ball in the middle of the table at the same time; with the said eight-ball going neatly into a pocket. It's a very focused issue. Let's get to it . . .

First ball: Screwball and Jester. This is what they're about .

screwball and jester

Screwball and Jester are also identity thieves. They attract traffic to their website by humiliating celebrities. While viewers are online they steal their passwords, credit card numbers and other information. Their latest celebrity target? J. Jonah Jameson.

jonah gets victimized
					by screwball and jester

Love the crowd reaction.

public reaction to 
					jonah getting pranked.

Otto Octavius is also a big fan.

otto octavius
					laughing at the j. jonah jameson prank.

Second ball: Otto Octavius.

This is a flashback panel.

young otto octavius
					being bullied.

In Superior Spider-Man 3, it was shown that Otto had an abusive father. Here it shows that Otto was bullied. It's important to note Otto's reaction: Anger.

I'll have more to say about this later but first . . .

Third ball: Anna Maria Marconi.

anna maria marconi
					being made fun of

See what those two bastards did? Did you note how well Ana Maria handled it? Look at her face. Absolutely calm - contrast that with Otto's tearful face when he was bullied. Make no mistake, what happened to Anna Maria was very painful; if it was me I would certainly be crushed - I'm more of an Otto than an Anna in front of public humiliation, sad to say. In another panel, Anna Maria explains herself.

anna maria marconi
					reveals how tough she is

That's strength. That is wisdom and strength that guy's like me barely understand. I know where she's coming from, I want to go there myself, be that strong, but two guys make fun of me just because they're a-holes. I'll walk away, coward that I am, but inside I'll be hurt and simmering and like Otto, I'll be wanting revenge. Anna Maria Marconi shows another way - a better way.

Okay, now we have all three balls rolling across our imaginary billiard table. Here's how they meet up with the 8-ball.

It comes as no surprise that J. Jonah Jameson took getting pied and his trousers being dropped in front of a press conference very badly - who wouldn't? Jameson leverages his new found "friendship" with Spider-Man, sending out Otto to "get" Screwball and Jester.

					swinging away from j. jonah jameson.

Otto isn't doing this out of obedience. Remember the bullying flashback? Otto has something deep and personal against people who subject other people to public humiliation. Make no mistake, its a very dangerous Spider-Man swinging away from J. Jonah Jameson here.

The "meeting" between Spider-Man, Screwball, and Jester has a lot of people laughing at the Spider. Actually if it was Peter, it wouldn't be such a problem. This is Otto. Otto simply cannot handle public humiliation.

superior spider-man
					gets hit in the nuts to everybody's amusement

Remember the young Otto with his broken glasses? All that anger just explodes.

superior spider-man
					goes out of control

With bloody results.

screwball and the jester
					beaten bloody by spider-man

And thus the issue really makes me think. After all is said and done, the shining example here is Anna Maria Marconi. that's how to handle it. Granted that Screwball and Jester are criminals - that is not known about them - they still didn't do any real physical harm. Not to say that humiliation isn't painful but I don't think it warrants nearly getting beaten to death. I'm talking as a hypocrite here because in all honesty I would behave the same way as Otto. With great regret, yes, but, that would be my reaction - I have the same simmering anger. I wish I didn't but I do. It doesn't stop me from recognizing the ideal reaction - the person I want to be vs. the person that I am.

This issue was beautifully illustrated by Humberto Ramos but Dan Slott's script really hit the ball out of the park this time out. Excellent.

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